core Team


Our most experienced HIIT expert has a plethora of exercises for all our fitness seekers, from the meek to the extreme. Nothing escapes his eagle eye & his command over the X-FITT floor is absolute.


With an envious strength to mass ratio, Soft spoken Sanjay is a very supportive coach. Certified & experienced, designing innovative exercise routines is his forte. His encouraging approach will keep you lifting safe & strong.


A Certified weight lifting expert, he has a keen eye on form & technique across the X- FITT training floor. His motivation carries over to all of us, goading us to give it all we’ve got!


'Mind over matter' defines him. His thirst for exercise science makes him reach out for ‘more on the floor’. Calisthenics & a fresh zany approach to programming are his special skills 


Our certified H.I.IT.  and athletic skills & drills expert, Amitesh drives the X-FITT programs with vigour. This gentleman will extract your best performance yet on the exercise floor.


As an X-PERT nutritionist for the last 3 years, she believes that the marriage of nourishment & movement is the best way for a stress free, fully functional life. Her ‘nutrition nuggets’ that she offers along with her sensible & effective diet plans make all the difference between a good result & a great one.

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