I keep coming back for more in the hopes that 'today will be the day it wont hurt', the latter still has not quite come true. My family's amusement of my hobby has turned to care and a sense of 'its doing him well'. My young daughter is always very concerned with the many scars and bruises from the journey.

There are a number of people who have been instrumental in very short journey of 'fitness', Vikram (for getting me there and making sure I kept coming back), Shailesh & Ruchira who have always been patient with my for lack of a better word "level of endurance and pathetic fitness", Shailesh Sathe, Ajinkya, Rakesh, Sanjay and of late Akhil.

Just under 10 months back my elder brother Vikram found Xfitt at Powai, negotiated hard with you (so I gather from you) and there I was sometime in early January bright and early at 6am to start a 'fitness journey'. My family was amused and quite certain this was a fad which like everyother one would pass, but here I am in December still going strong (albeit still sore and still loving it). What started as an experiment of lets give it a try has become an obsession which is both fueled by the programming but in very large parts to the conversations prior to and after the hour of 'fitness' 3 times a week or at times 4 or 5 times a week.

But that being said I live for the time between 6.47 to 6.52, its when the legs are definitely lead, your lungs are breathing fire your arms are shot and your mid by some miracle just makes you push for that one more rep. I am hooked and will keep coming back for more.

I live for 6.47 to 6.52

I wish I could say something classy and inspirational, but thats just not my style . Pain heals, chicks dig scars, glory lasts forever (credit Shane Falco - The Replacements)

Sameer Varma

Having been an avid gym-goer while living in the UK, I was looking for something on par, on my return to Mumbai. Having tried several gyms, I was disappointed. I have finally found X-Fitt in Vile Parle (East) which meets my expectations and needs for a good workout session.

The facilities are excellent and clean, with a variety of training equipments. The trainers are a fantastic bunch who provide great motivation and nudge (or push Laughing)you in the right direction to go that little extra mile on your fitness journey to help achieve your fitness goals.

X-Fitt caters to all individuals, with different fitness levels. There are enough trainers during the workout sessions to be able to provide individual attention and ensure you maintain correct form and technique, to prevent injuries. My kids, aged 20 and 13 years, also train in the gym with me. We look forward to our weekly sessions at X-Fitt.

Kudos to Shailesh Shetty and his team for providing an excellent "paisa vasool" service to Mumbaikars. Thankyou!

Dr. Harinakshi Salian-Murugkar
Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, M.D (Obs & Gyn), FRCOG (UK), CCT (UK), DGO, DFP
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