Partner up for this workout!

Two is better than one. And that’s not just limited to sale offers and happy hours but also to working out. You can burn fat or build muscle by training with a partner than being a lone ranger. Studies have shown that getting your friend, colleague, relative or your better half involved in your exercise routine can help you stay more accountable and increase you motivation to push harder. This will help you get the results you always wanted with the added enjoyment of accomplishing those goals with a partner. Also you know you have somebody who is ready to split the bill for that post-workout treat!

At X-Fitt we are offering a Valentine’s Day special offer; with every full membership your partner gets a chance to avail 50% on their membership. And it is not restricted to just your partner, it can be a relative, a friend or a work colleague. For this occasion, we have specially designed these challenging but fun workouts which you can do with your partner. Our Xpert trainers are certified and experienced to ensure all workouts are carried out in a safe manner with proper technique. Here is a taste of what you can expect on Valentine’s Day!

- Noah’s Ark: An animal walk exercise which will set your core on fire. Each pair will have their own unique animal walk.

- Yin & Yang: This will require teamwork and chemistry as one partner assists the other as he or she completes the workout.

- 2 x 2: This exercise will add a bit of competition to your workout as its one couple against another.

-Tussle muscle: You will be competing against your own partner for this one.

There will aerobic exercises as well
- Match my step
- Dance with me (Zumba)

So hurry up grab a friend and start training!

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