Things you should follow as a Beginner

Everyone wants to be at their best. Being at a position where you feel good about yourself is a necessity. It has a lot of unsaid perks to it.
Being at your best is practice. Takes a lot of efforts to achieve that, especially, the physical aspect. For if you are physically fit, you are already halfway there!

A person with a good physique has advantages; quite honestly, some unfair ones too. The well-shaped body gives way to a healthy mind. So when you have a good body, you indirectly have a good mind!
Pros of having a good physique- strength, confidence, energy, etc. Cons- Sore muscles and a healthy diet maybe? (xD)

What’s written above is something you are already aware of! Hence, you are here, on this page reading this blog. It so might be that you’ve begun the process already! We definitely think its the latter!

Now, if you’ve already joined a gym, these things are a must for you to know! People who are about to join one should take notes too! They might be:

A workout plan:

Having a workout plan is a must when you start or are about to start. This helps in numerous ways.

You exactly know what exercise you are going to do. Which body part needs to be worked on for the day. Helps you plan your after-workout sessions too.

Always follow a workout plan. These are made keeping in mind your body type, weight, strength, etc. The most efficient way to build a good body is by following the Workout Plan.

Never quit on a workout plan, as these are bound to bring results. Though the visible changes surface slowly, keep in mind that they are continuously happening.

(Note: We can add a normal workout plan as a form, in exchange of data.)

Warming up:

Just as it is important in any other sport, warming up before a workout is essential. The purpose of a warmup is to warm your body for it to function better.

Before exercising, our body is in a ‘cool state’. No muscle group has been activated (Unless you walk to your gym). The joints are locked as well.

When you exercise, most of the work and pressure is done and taken by the joints. And if these are not ready for the load, then there is a chance of injury.

To prevent that, always warm up before your exercise routine!

A bit about stretching:

A lot of them might tell you “Not to stretch” or “Stretching increases your risk at injury”. Though, that is not entirely true.

Try to always stretch after a workout, not before it. Helps you keep a lot of endurance for your exercises. Make use of stretches as a cool-down exercise.

If at all you want to stretch before a workout, always remember to do the ‘Active stretching’. It helps stimulate your muscles and increase blood flow. Dynamic stretching also works wonders!

Yoga and Pilates are some of the routines that you can opt for flexibility. These are mostly comprised of stretching exercises that help loosen muscles that have tightened due to training.

Right rep count:

Keeping the rep count right is necessary. Repping in the right amount will lead to sure progress and muscle growth. Overdo it and you wouldn’t get the desired results.

You would never achieve anything by overwhelming yourself. Understand the limitations of your body and workout accordingly. It doesn’t mean if you’ve done a 15 the last set mean you should do 30 next!

Taking it slow is a must. Going hefty and fast would only cause harm. It’s all about advancing nice and slow. Sometimes under-train. Yes, we say this cause it is easy to recover from a light workout that an exhausting one!

Legs, legs, legs!

The concept is simple- The deep-rooted the foundation is, the stronger and taller a building is built. The human body responds quite similarly. To gain a stronger body, always train your legs.

They are really important when it comes to keeping your posture too. Strong legs give you the ability to lift better.

Working your legs out in turn also helps strengthen your upper body. Hormonal development is promoted too!

Even if you play any sort of sports or run, it is advisable that you train legs. Cause through exercise you gain strength and muscle tone. Also makes them look good!

Not heavy:

This is especially relatable to you all who lift. Yes, you might be tempted to go heavy. But if you have just begun, go for the lower dumbles and weights.

Put aside your ego and try understanding your body. It is relatively new to the concept of exterior weight! Let it adjust.

It’s all about the form:

Keep the form right, always. Be it stretching, exercise or even lifting. The forms are developed to put maximum effort on a particular muscle group.

Getting the form wrong can be problematic. In some exercises, it can put low to no pressure at all, on the desired muscle group.

It so may happen that pressure may be exerted on the wrong set of muscles, leading to soreness or pain. Prolonged wrongdoing can increase the risk of injury.

While weight lifting, if the form is not right, it can put pressure on the joints and tendons leading to tears. Avoiding these is the most important of them all! Get the form right, and see the results for yourself!

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